When Sally Jo discovered coaching, she immediately knew she’d come home. Intuitively she understands that her clients are creative, resourceful and whole, thus she listens without an intention to fix. She also brings a wealth of wisdom gleaned from life experience as a student, wife, mother, educator, counselor, administrator, international recruiter and business owner. From those broad perspectives, she coaches others to unfold in their many unique roles.

How does is work?  

During coaching sessions Sally Jo challenges clients to:

  • Find their own questions and answers
  • Change their perceptions of what they are capable of doing and being
  • Look at the world and themselves in an ever-flowing kaleidoscope of possibilities and passions
  • Dive deep for the gems within
  • Believe in themselves
  • Live in harmony with their values, passions and dreams
  • Look through the lens of neuroscience to understand the why of coaching and the how of themselves
  • Live authentically; that’s where the fun and creativity thrive

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Client Testimonial: 

“I have been coaching with Sally Jo for more than a year now. The moment we started talking she made me feel comfortable to open up to her and share my stories. Her coaching style is to inspire people. By asking valid questions, she guides me to the answers in my heart. She showed me how to face my heart with honesty. This year I have grown and learned a lot from Sally Jo, and I know she will say it was all because of my efforts. Another thing that I really like about having her as my life coach is that she always has different perspectives on the way I see things, and that is just eye-opening and mind-blowing. I made a correct decision to work with Sally Jo because I am slowly becoming the person I want to be.”  Emma Liao



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