Now is the Time to Embrace your Perfectly Imperfect Self

 Propel toward a Deeper, More Intentional Life

Create More Joy, Passion and Fulfillment 

Fall in Love with You

Are you tired of asking, “Is that all there is?” 

Are you hungry for positive self-confidence and high self-esteem?

Are you longing for a lifestyle that holds meaning and purpose?

Are you ready to enjoy deep, fulfilling connection with others?


If you are you a spirited, youthful adult of any age who longs to be fully alive, know you can fall in love with yourself as you discover your inner gifts and dreams.  From there, the paths are endless!

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Client Testimonials!

 "From the first session, Sally Jo helped me rediscover love and acceptance of myself.  I have more confidence and energy to move forward with some life goals that I have been putting on the back burner.  I would recommend her professional caring services to anyone looking to change their lives from the inside out."  Lori Packwood

"I believe in the power of coaching to transform lives and Sally Jo is a skilled coach who collaborates with me and holds me accountable as I discover my mission, seek change or fulfillment, or set and clarify my life goals. Sally Jo coaches me through major life transitions such as grief, retirement and health issues by listening to what I communicate both verbally and nonverbally and by asking powerful questions that allow me to look at and adopt ever changing, new perspectives as my life continues to change, evolve and grow. I highly recommend Sally Jo Blair."  Jan Wilson

"I’ve known Sally Jo since I was her graduate teaching assistant in 2014 and she has been my life coach for the last 14 months. She never fails to provide me with very different and unique perspectives. It’s as if she is standing on a higher ground and is able to see things further and clearer than others. Rather than providing direct suggestions, she always asks very wise questions to guide me in finding my own answers. When I recommend Sally Jo as a life coach to my other friends, I always tell them, “Sally Jo is not only a good coach to work with, but a very valuable person to have in your life.”  Keren Liu

Create more joy, passion and fulfillment!

Enjoy practices to propel yourself toward a deeper, more intentional life.


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